SAFETY First, Last, Always

Safety is more than a priority at Texas Stress; it is a core value.  On every project regardless of size and scope, we take every measure possible to ensure we protect our most valuable assets… our employees.  We develop and maintain a safety program with guidelines and detailed procedures demonstrated in the daily behaviors of everyone at Texas Stress.  From the newest helper, to our technicians, up through corporate leadership, we reflect a culture of zero accidents and incidents proven by our safety record.


Texas Stress’ Quality Policy is to consistently provide our customers with heat-treating services that will meet or exceed their quality requirements, while providing the best overall value. Texas Stress’ quality management system has been implemented to achieve this goal, and we are committed to ensuring both its effective implementation and continuous improvement. We will provide the necessary leadership and resources for this endeavor, and ensure that all Texas Stress personnel are empowered with the responsibility and authority necessary to ensure customer satisfaction.


Both Safety and Quality at Texas Stress start with ensuring we select and train the best candidates for employment.  We have a pre-hire, random, and for cause drug testing policy.  We conduct various training courses for the highest expectations of safety and quality in industry, which includes forty hours at hire, site specific, and continuous education.   Our Safety, Operations Managers, and Field Supervisors evaluate and reiterate behaviors on jobsites through our Job Audit Program, which is in addition to the Job Site Analysis or JSA, and toolbox meetings conducted daily at each jobsite.  To ensure a consistency across the company, we kick off each new month with an all-technician meeting where we highlight safety and quality observations as well as customer feedback from the previous month.

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