Due to the many heat treating methods we use, Texas Stress is able to offer a wide variety of services. We stand out from the competition by utilizing a diverse range of equipment tailored to perform the exact operation required for your specific project.

Mobile Rigs

Texas Stress, Inc. utilizes a field proven 80-volt output, electrical resistance system with ceramic mat type heaters, control center, and interconnecting cables. All recording instruments, primary thermocouples, and secondary extension wire are of the type “K” system. All units are equipped with state-of-the-art system controls to ensure accurate temperatures and on-time performance.

Our current Mobile Rig fleet includes the following capacities (power optional):

  • 12 Circuit Units
  • 18 Circuit Units
  • 24 Circuit Units


Portable Consoles

Consoles are ideal for small projects as they can be strategically located throughout a congested unit during a turnaround when use of a large mobile unit would be impractical.  The features and benefits include:

  • 12 Circuit consoles and 6 Circuit consoles available
  • Powered by 3-phase, 480-volts
  • AC power is used to ensure that a malfunctioning heater does not damage the part
  • All have a maximum 80-volt output, which makes this a low voltage, safe operation
  • All are equipped with automatic controllers for precise temperature operation
  • Multiple zones of control, the unit(s) selected are based on your needs
  • Heaters are a flexible ball and socket design for fitting many different applications
  • Customer has the option to provide power for cost savings


Direct Fire Equipment

Luminous Flame Oil Burners

  • Great in multiple applications from thermal drying to the PWHT of small to medium sized pressure vessels
  • Light, economical, and powerful
  • Powered by 110 volt AC and burn grade 2 diesel fuel
  • Efficient and clean burning leaving no residue
  • Perfect for use in fabrication shops and the petrochemical industry

High Velocity Gas Burner

  • Refractory curing made easy
  • Powerful enough to generate a great deal of air velocity for achieving the right air/heat convection
  • Burn natural gas (supplied by customer) or propane – either fuel burns extremely clean and oil free
  • Can be installed to produce a first rate heat treatment for vessels of all sizes


Atmospheric Furnaces

Texas Stress, Inc. utilizes its atmospheric furnaces for the post weld heat treatment of vessels, exchangers, condensers, vast numbers of fabricated spool pieces and other items that will fit within the confines of the furnace’s internal dimensions, all at a fraction of the cost of localized electric heat. They are completely computerized for on time heat cycles and accurate temperature control.  Our furnaces are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the following sizes:

  W H L
1 32” 30” 63”
2 72” 48” 72”
3 72” 96” 132”
4 7’ 7’ 20’
5 7’ 8’ 13’
6 10’ 10’ 44’
7 12’ 10’ 44’
8 17’ 17’ 59’
9 4’ 4’ 4’
10 8’ 8’ 10’
11 16’ 16’ 49’

In addition, Texas Stress can design and fabricate specialty furnaces for almost any application. In many cases, this is a cost effective and time saving option.  Contact us now to find out more.



Texas Stress has a large number of portable generators ranging from 95kw to 300kw.  These generators can be staged in small spaces and allow power distribution to elevated areas or spaces that a large mobile rig cannot access, allowing us to customize set up to customer’s specific needs.  Our generators, like all our equipment, are available any time day or night to meet all our customers’ needs.


Hardness Tests

Hardness of metals can be measured in many different units. Some examples are BHN, DPH, Shore, Rockwell, etc. The testing unit used by Texas Stress, Inc. is the portable Brinell Testing Kit. As the name implies it is portable, easy to use and very accurate. Testing can be accomplished in hard to reach areas such as, elevated welds in overhead pipe racks, inside of process equipment, on modular skids and even in areas with limited or no light. The BHN test is a very quick and inexpensive method to verify metal harnesses or the effectiveness of the heat treatment.